WE'RE BACK! (from Virginia Beach.)

At last! It’s Friday! *insert celebration emoji here* Thanks for your patience as I took a week or two off to go on vacation (!!!) and to reorient myself afterwards.

The chocolate chip pancakes, the Dirty Hippie burrito and a flight of mimosas is the best way to vacation.

The chocolate chip pancakes, the Dirty Hippie burrito and a flight of mimosas is the best way to vacation.

I went to Virginia Beach with my fantastic boyfriend/partner-in-crime, Jeff. We were there to celebrate one of his best friend’s weddings and it was one of the most joyous, fun, and exciting weddings I’ve ever been to. Congratulations again to Julie and Matt! *insert another celebration emoji here* Around the wedding plans, Jeff showed me his hometown. We met in KC (my hometown) and it was wonderful to switch tour guides! I got to see all of the local VB spots, including The Bee and the Biscuit (OOF. Delicious. A bit of a drive away in Pungo, VA, the Dirty Hippie breakfast burrito and their mimosa flight was delightful.). We went to the oceanfront and took an evening walk around his neighborhood. While our trip was jam-packed busy, it was wonderful to exhale by the waves. Here’s some of my favorite photos from this trip! 

Coming back, I also learned a lot. There needs to be balance in work and play, incorporating time to be focused and productive with time to play and go with the flow. We’re in the era of self-care and work-life balance, something that is constantly changing and evolving. The balance looks different for everyone and it generally is something that takes time to hone. For me, I sprint, get winded, and hit a wall that forces me to slow down to reevaluate where my energy is being spent. Now, honing my skills as an imperfect human being and noting that I tend to ‘sprint’ in my endeavors, allows me to be aware and optimize my pace for the long run and maybe circumvent the wall rather than crashing into it. Going on vacation allowed me take a step back from my ‘sprint’ and to come back with a refreshed mind, ready for the marathon. 

I hope your weekend is refreshing and bright! Cheers to the Atlantic ocean, love, vacations, and continual learning!

Until next time,