Friday Facts

Happy Friday! I’ve been thinking a lot about how we identify with our positions lately, about how sometimes we can unintentionally pigeon-hole ourselves into one way of thinking and forget that we are so much more than we realize! For me, I get stuck in the track that I’m only a photographer. This is a space to share a bit beyond just photography and more about what’s been inspiring me lately and who I am. As this is my first personal post, I’ll start off with three factoids about me.

Rachel (left) and I posing in our traditional ‘Kate graduated!’ pose. Kate is the sister in the middle!

  1. Sister, Sister, Sister.

    I have two sisters, both younger than I am. Rachel and Kate have been my best friends growing up and the three of us are peas in a pod. While our lives take us in different directions with new adventures and places, there’s always an open door for a phone call to talk and a bottomless well of love and support. They were my first models and assistants as we crafted fashion sets from our Barbie dolls in the living room and have been endlessly supportive of my work.

In teacher training, we taught many classes to each other before we taught in public. This photo was taken the weekend of our first twenty minute teaching session. Courtesy of Cindy Vanderweide.

2. Namaste, friendos!

I am a certified yoga instructor through the Yoga Alliance. I earned my 200RYT certification this past July and am over the moon. It was a leap of faith to enroll in teacher training by it was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It’s more than stretching and breathing to me, it’s become a way to reconnect with myself and find some silence and peace among the chatter. I even use mirroring (my right as your left when we face each other) and breathing techniques while photographing to provide a fun and relaxed space with clear and concise directions for my collaborators and subjects. My yoga practice and teaching students continually inspires me to explore new photographic processes and opportunities as I explore new teachings and tune in further to myself and others.

Maya the kitty cat loves catnip and scratches on the left side of her face and snuggling under the covers.

3. Cats = LOVE.

Finally, I’m a HUGE cat lover. I have one cat whose name is Maya. She’s named after the fantastic poet, Maya Angelou. (I end up naming things after female icons and role models. My car’s name is Frida Car-hlo.) Maya is four years old and is my furry pride and joy. She’s so snuggly and kind but isn’t afraid to yell at the top of her lungs when she thinks it’s dinner time. 

Drop a comment with what’s inspiring you right now in the space below and cheers to Fridays, sisters, yoga, and cats! 

Until next time,