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Julia for light test by Philip Heying, Overland Park, KS, 2019.

Julia Larberg is a photographer born, raised, and currently working in Overland Park, Kansas. She was introduced to photography as her father documented his daughters’ childhoods with a 35mm Minolta X-700. Moving through middle and high school, Larberg explored other mediums but continued to learn about black and white film processing, darkroom printing, and inkjet printing. Coming back to photography, Larberg graduated with an Associates of Arts from Johnson County Community College in 2015 and continued in classes ranging from social media marketing to yoga, ending with an impromptu Beginners French class in 2018.

A founding member of The Community of Visual Professionals (CVP), JCCC’s student photography and filmmaking organization, Larberg served as their president from 2016 to 2018. From 2017 to 2018, she worked alongside her fellow officers to collaborate with the Student Sustainability Committee at JCCC to produce a book publication and corresponding gallery exhibition and reception. This project aimed to highlight the relationship of photography to sustainability as an instigator of social, sustainable change. LISTEN: Volume 1 featured 25 student artists selected by jurors April Watson, Kristy Howell, and Matt Rahner and essays from the CVP officers (Julia Larberg, Laura Cobb, Elijah Russell, and Giano Hurtado), April Watson, Dawn Gale, and Kristy Howell. Sustainably printed with soy ink and recycled paper at Mulligan Printing Corp. in St. Louis, MO, LISTEN: Volume 1 became Larberg’s introduction to book layout. Through her time with CVP, Larberg learned how to collaborate with various departments and disciplines, became enamored with the photographic book as an art form, and became familiar with managing and designating lists thirty items long. Now a member of the JCCC Photography Department staff, she works with students to further their technical and theoretical understanding of photography while maintaining the functionality of the digital and analog labs.

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In August 2018, Larberg traveled to New York City to view the Museum of Modern Art’s annual New Photography exhibition and to learn more about the photographic industry. This trip became instrumental in the direction of her work, clearly defining commercial and art photography, as well as where the categories of the resulting photographs can be blurred. When she returned to Overland Park, Larberg enrolled in a 200 hour yoga teacher training. The resulting education has unexpectedly informed and strengthened her artistic process and approach to photography, primarily through the practice of breathwork. She now teaches semi-regular yoga classes around the Overland Park area influenced by the spiritual in art.

Selected works can be found in LISTEN: Volume 1 from The Community of Visual Professionals, published May 2018 and in Feast Magazine Online (Blackdog Coffeehouse). Larberg is to show photographs from The Days That End in Why at Vulpes Bastille Gallery in Kansas City, MO, opening October 4th, 2019.