Julia, the Creative

About the creative:

1. Life is too short to be taken seriously.


Julia Larberg

Julia Larberg is a freelance photographer based in Kansas City, Missouri. She approaches photography as a documentation of what is real and tangible. She is inspired by Jeff Wall's approach to art as the 'painting of modern life'. In The Education of a Photographer, in David Shapiro's interview with Jeff Wall, Wall expands on what that phrase means to his art. 

"That doesn't mean that 'painting modern life' means just 'scenes off the street.' It means the phenomena of the now that are configured as pictures by means of the accumulation of standards and skills and style and so on. [...] 'Painting of modern life' is an attitude of looking, reflecting, and making."

This quote embodies the approach Julia takes to photographing. To look, reflect, and make, Julia flits around and snaps moments and feelings. She works to capture the truth.*

*Perceived or objective, it's up to the viewer.